Friday, August 12, 2016

I can come to you in your Youth Project and do DONUT Group-Work sessions?

The idea is to lead three sessions over three weeks in your Youth Project/Hostel.
Same day/time/place/leader every week to create a pattern of consistency.

I would like to call the Group Sessions::

To create an experience within a climate of trust.
To enable them to reflect on that experience -
and choose to develop/change/grow.
So it is a bit like growing a seed to become a flower.

My main aim is the process and learning.
I am trying to get them to process 1 thinking, 2 feelings and 3 behaviours
and know the difference between the three.
It is a big attempt in such a short run of sessions.

The aim is to build confidence, self esteem so that they will begin to feel better about themselves.
"I was a person who couldn't and I became a person who could".

It is great if one or two staff can be there. 
They help the process by participating, modelling behaviours and being a secure solid presence.
It could go on longer than a single hour.
It will be a a process of capturing the main items in the film and
allowing time for reflection.

The Donuts. 
An activity and a treat!
The objective of having the donuts is to create an activity as they come in and settle down for the session
Please can you supply mini Donuts and some chocolate sauce for ever session.It would be great to have them available in the middle of the circle of chairs as they come in. I will provide the Fondue and chocolate. If you can get small mini donuts which are sold with 20 in a box, Sainsburys/Tesco, not the bigger luxury ones. 
And some chocolate to dip them in and some serviettes please? Chocolate can usually be found near the ice cream!! 

Group Work - This is what I do around the country and have been doing it for years.
I will use different methods depending on the group and how at ease they are/can become.
I will use mini-clips from films and TV. I may use clay, paper tools, matches and activities which create involvement and discussion.
The last session I will use clips from 'Freedom Writers' but please keep this secret as it is better as a surprise.

Posters/Leaflets:: I will design 4 to distribute like this/different each one.
The best I have found from my own experience is:: 
Posting the first one as a POSTER around the project well in advance. They look good in colour - even having one in colour.
1  ONE FULL WEEK before we start:: Leaflet into  every hand/under ever bedroom door in the A5 size
2  THREE DAYS before the day:: Leaflet under ever bedroom door in the  A5 size - different one.
3  On the Day - the in the morning! Leaflet under every bedroom door in the  A5 size - different one.
4  All staff asked to talk about it and encourage ALL members/residents to come, staff invited too. Positive word of mouth is the best advert.
 Please let everyone know and hype up the opportunity so they at least know all about it - then they  can choose to come or not!!
EQUIPMENT needed::
1   Paper - scrap paper will do
2   pens
3   Roll of masking tape
4   Several Pads of regular sized 'post it's'
5   A flip-chart  and pens
6   Felt tip pens
7   A powerful digital projector to fix my-own laptop into
8   An extension power lead to take at least four power plugs
9   a clean wall to project onto - or a projection screen. A large screen please - it has far more impact.
10  I will bring my own sound system to play music and sound for movies.

I will be there one hour before to prepare well.
I will hang around afterwards to chat with Staff and anyone.

If you can put me in contact with the lead worker on this project - I would appreciate it - ideally the same staff member who will be at all the sessions with me (more than one are welcome of course.)

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