Monday, August 22, 2016

A real Greenbelt Experience - a scar - a cross - I hurt

I asked an international group 
around a table in Cheltenham 
including a young and beautiful American woman
"What is your favourite SCAR ?"

She immediately stood up & showed me 
& the table full of other 
Greenbelt BHP's, in the Curry House, 
as we prepared for the Festival.

We were all struck by her 
beautiful L5 openness 
and willingness to share her story.
I only met her twice.
Once as we eat curry as a large group
and the day after as I took this photo of her arm.
What a story behind the scar ............

AND you?

and today I hear of her death.
As yet unexplained.
I am so sad
I pray for her
as I feel the loss
and her, unknown to me, her family and friends.