Friday, November 18, 2016

About telling real life stories and 'the sobbing' that rise in my chest in public - sometimes.

Yesterday I TWEETED/Facebooked the above.
Today I wanted to reflect more about it.
It is not unusual that I feel deeply when I share stories.
Real life experiences that resulted in change in my life/living.

The words below are inadequate as they don't fully/(perfectly - that's a laugh) what I feel.
BUT I need to write or click keys to dig deeper into my soul.

I offer these stumbling words ............ a life of learning .....

MY SOBBING the context.
I was facilitating a conference yesterday - about 77 humans.
Most work in counselling, psychotherapy, youth-work, schools, social work etc..

As well as get them connecting and BECOMING I share my own life experiences.
As with you they are not all good.
I share some experiences which hit something deep inside
and without planning it
sobs rise in my chest
as I spill.

I was 40 before I could contact my own feelings
and now a days I am learning daily to feel them
welcome them all - learn about my inner life  
as well as my physical & relational journey.
I am not highly emotional - more of a student
I want to feel because if I can learn about my own &
I can feel empathy with others
therefore LOVE deeper - more ……..

So telling a story/s yesterday I cracked for a moment
I am not sorry about that.
Not shamed.

When someone weeps with me I feel privileged.
Tears are beautiful ……

I tweeted today - 

‘Never compere your inside with another persons outside.'