Friday, November 25, 2016

Become aware / If you don’t like someone. / Become aware / That it is their behaviour you don’t like. / SO LOVE

is not an #emotion. 
Love is a #DECISION.

Not by
Status Stature 
 Can we win another’s love. 
 Only LOVE can do that. 

Awareness arrives before change 
Awareness always arrives before a new skill 
Awareness develops when reflecting on an experience. 

Become aware 
If you don’t like someone. 
 Become aware 
That it is their behaviour you don’t like. 
 Become aware 
That you can change to LOVE

Become aware 
That you can LOVE 
when you don’t LIKE 
Decide to LOVE not ‘LIKE’ 

because LOVE does a better job. 

We can only win another’s love 
by Loving.