Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Challenge for you - will you answer one question?


We all have Abilities and Disabilities.
Not just the stereo typical physical or mental visible ones.
'Can you share one ABILITY and one Disability and say 
WHY you choose these two to share?'
I will answer with mine.


One of my many disabilities is my spelling and grammar AND I don’t know the alphabet..
I get by via spellchecker.
That is why I never use a Flipchart when I am Facilitating/Training which 
has led me to developing more interactive creative methods. I have lived with this all my life but still feel the shame.
Ability - I think I am a warm person with empathy which helps me to build a climate of trust in relationships.
I have chosen these two because I feel most inadequate with this disability and my relationships are of vital important to me.
Pip Wilson
Suggested options to consider::
1 Ignore this and move on.
2 Write out your answer, it's always a deeper experience to WRITE. Screw the paper into a ball and bin it.
3 As 2 - but keep it as a reminder of who you were when you answered this question.
4 As 2 - but send it to me - I will keep it confidential between me and you unless you tell me I can post it on my (with your name or without).
5 Another option which you think is a good one!

There is an objective in me doing this.
I believe it is good to answer questions - digging into the soul. Getting to know ourselves better.

You are beautiful