Friday, September 22, 2017

Me and my Note-book of FEELINGS ..........

This is my note book which I keep in my backpack.
It is my 'FEELINGS' notebook which I only write in on train journeys.

24.8.15 it says on the first page.
I was prepping to travel to Norway and my feelings were focused on the sessions I would be facilitating including a 'Rolling Magazine Show' for about 200 young humans.

Lots of feelings on this page and many pages of notes concluding yesterday when I traveled to meet Andy Winter and old colleague from my YMCA (& Greenbelt) days.
We never worked together but belonged to a world wide movement of YMCA's. A great man.

My note book is full of thoughts & feelings but targeted at the inner me. 
What I was feeling in the 'here and now' and about the forthcoming.
Usually I am traveling to a 121 with a beautiful human or a gig where I would be facilitating awareness & skills.
That is normally people who are in helping relationships with others.
Counselors psychotherapists youth-workers teachers social-workers housing-workers etc.. 

I have this thing about feelings.
It is so easy to have opinions and I strive not to spout them.
I never give advice.
I never use the word 'should'.
But I want to be in touch with my feelings because, if I understand my own inner being, I will be better equipped to empathize with others.

I have chosen my next notebook to fit my pocket in my backpack.
Ready to go ................. always full of feeling  =  me !!