Sunday, September 03, 2017

U2 Blackout Video & lyrics

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Dinosaur wonders why it wanders the earth

A meteor promises it's not gonna hurt

Earthquake always happen when you're in bed babe
The house shakes, maybe it was something I said

Go easy on me, easy on me, yeah
Go easy on me, easy on me, now

When the lights go out
Throw yourself about
Darkness where you learn to see,
When the lights go out
Don't you ever doubt
The light that we can really be

Statues fall, democracy is flat on its back, Jack
We had it all, and what we had is not coming back, Zac
A big mouth says the people they don't want to be free for free
A Blackout is this an extinction event we see

Go easy on me, easy on me, lover
Go easy on me easy on me, yeah


Blacked out
It's clear
Who you are will appear
Blacked out 
You'll see
So glad that you are all free