Wednesday, September 13, 2017


is a unit of beauty
Yes! - vulnerability is an ability
not a disability.
How come we don't share our vulnerability
when we are all wounded?

Hello - it is he with 140 oppressions.
143 in my inbox and I feel oppressed.
I cannot click enough between my gigs.
I don't work OUT everyday.
I work IN some days.
But always always have priorities and
they don't include replies to emails
apologies to all.

Some want resources.
Some want to know about a resource and
!!!!! I don't reply!

I loved the buzz about talking about teams.
I love this stuff.
I rise to the challenge.
If you or anyone you know,
who needs some team building -
feel free to give me a call.
THIS is how I make my living.
More importantly, it is the way I want to be -
at the heart of human development.
I thrive on it 
love it love it.

I was with a team last week.
Some were able to share their vulnerability.
I believe, if we can do it,
it is personally liberating
the most powerful of communication
because it magically releases another ……
It gives permission for others to cast off their chains.
Become outwardly - what they really are inside.

Most of my work comes via positive word of mouth.
Maybe you have a positive word of mouth?
I will not let you down if you recommend me.

Knowing you don't know everything
beautiful imperfection stuff,
means we can be real.
Not pretend.
Not pretend we are an expert.
Not have a superficial suit of pretence.
Not be a different human behind the mask.

This is still being honed.
The best at sussing the crap factor
are those with special needs.
The wisdom of the street.
They are honing me.
They can see through any pretence at being EXPERT.

Tomorrow I will
Reflect - undress
the soul