Thursday, November 30, 2017

Reflections on being drained & knackered at Christmas - and the learning ...

For years we lived in London's East End.
Every Christmas we travelled north to our families.
Tired I was.
Working long hours
emotions drained
desperate for a break
and then tired from a car journey.

I remember needing headspace.
Yet two sets of families who wanted us there.
So did I, but I also, felt my soul was being cut in half.
It was joyous.
Great memories of family times.
But I also recall the emptiness 
and pressure to keep going.
these festive times
can be tough times for all of us.
Maybe you are feeling now?
Silly words = we are always feeling.
It is just not easy, sometimes, to 
get into contact with our feelings!

I wonder what you are feeling now?
If we did not have them on the surface, 
go deeper,
feel them.

Whatever you do
please don't lock down.
I have had to learn new strategies
to manage my complex emotions.

TIPS - I never give advice - this is where I am at.
1. I write down feeling words. I have done this daily - often late at night. If they are not captured and summarised, they will continue rolling around in our brains like a cement mixer, demanding attention, sapping our emotional resources until we stop and pour out the concrete. Solid issues recorded.
2. Do a SWOT analysis on yourself. (SWOT = Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities and Threats.) Focus on life right now. I use a template (enclosed) Start with Weaknesses, a list of the negatives in your life. Owning them is so vital. Then move to Strengths - the positives in your life. They too are vital to 'own'.  The Strengths and Weaknesses are about NOW. Moving onto the Opportunities and Threats means looking at the future, both + and - in terms of positive steps to avoid the threats whilst focusing on the positives.
3. Learn & have handy, three positive inputs when you know you are 'flat' or 'drained'. I have certain i) Books which I can turn to which know will inspire me.  Kick start that inner core of passion even though it maybe buried under much baggage. ii) Music. I have certain albums, artistes, playlists which lift my spirits. iii) Reflections. I write. I reflect. I yearn. I become a Feelologist - An 'Emotion Detective' & I start Imagineering. 

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey.
Feedback is always welcome.