Sunday, November 05, 2017

Back in the day we received this note and I found it today as I came upon a box full of old incoming ..........

Back in the day we received this note and 
I found it today as I came upon a box full of 
old incoming notes & letters .............. so I want to share it with you

My Dear, Dear Pip & Joan,& Joy & Ann & "the Fish"
       I am not fit to talk with you at the moment - I would only depress you- so I am writing this note. 
       I love cheese!! Every week for months and months I have been to do my shopping and looked at the CAMEMBERT which is my favourite cheese- but I have not bought it because it is too expensive. And then, those two little darlings of yours come to my flat door and say " a present from France". They looked so beautiful I wanted to cry!!
I thought that the "present" would be a tie or a pair of braces or some underpants! But no - you gave me- now LISTEN - Jesus gave people what they asked for & MORE!
You have given me something that I don't deserve - that I haven't earned- WHY - WHY - WHY? -did you know what to give me as a present?
'Cos you love me. But why do you? I am not worth living - I am a total and complete mess. 
But thanks - REALLY - thanks.
Don't come to see me today- just accept that I love you 
( all 4 of you) - & I will try to work out WHY you could possibly love me like you obviously do. 
Jesus died for ME - but he must have been out of His mind - 'cos I'm not worth it!!
Millions & millions & millions of LOVE from ME.