Monday, November 13, 2017

I am not one for BBC Radio 4 BUT ......... this entered my life speaking as an Emotion Detective. Harry Baker


It is 15 minutes of audio - a short story which entered my 
physical, emotional, spiritual frame and collided with my soul - 
my inner being (BECOMING) 
which I reflect on so much on these pages.

You can capture it on the BBC Radio iPlayer (Radio 4) if you enter in in the next three weeks.
Open your heart and listen.

Hold me in Your Light

Hold Me in Your Light. Written and performed by World Slam Poetry Champion Harry Baker. 
Dan is the stag at his own stag do. It's a surreal ordeal. He feels detached, anxious about the marriage but unable to speak about feelings to his fellow stags. He escapes to the roof of the bar and sees the people below in the streets of the city he loves. For the first time he notices them glow, leaving trails of light as they move. Perhaps he's found an answer to his doubts.