Saturday, April 06, 2019

I feel that many beautiful humans like you are lonely............... a ONE Minute reflection

It’s been on my mind.
I feel that many beautiful humans like you are lonely.

Not necessarily recognising that.
Not able or willing to verbalise that to anyone.

It is lockdown.
Self alienation. 

Loneliness is the prison of the human spirit. 
When we are lonely we pace back and forth in lockdown.
No one understands us and we don’t understand ourself.

I strive to understand BHP’s.
Strive - 
yearn much about understanding others. 
I learn so much in every encounter
about another
about myself.

Most of us have at least fleetingly experienced 
the joy of sharing tough stuff. 
Opening that internal SAFE
our locked-box inside - 
safe and secure but 
a beautiful human in lockdown.

I have worked many times with 
Counsellors and Physiotherapists.
Many who deal with people 
asking for support following a bereavement.
And out it comes …………….
Not only the loss of someone - 
but out comes a lifetime of 
locked in emotions
chained - ever so SAFE

Maybe we have been with someone 
and shared a vivid experience.
Maybe on a mountain top and seeing a view which takes breath away.
We can be so explicit together.

Or we may have shared a secret 
A Joy or Wound. 

Spilling can be so liberating.
We will remember all our lives.

AND time passes by ……..
and we don’t spill.

I have had a few people tell me they feel lonely - always with tears.
There are feelings of shame attached.
We don’t want to be naked with another.
That is being vulnerable - 
we are feeling it but
we don’t want to spill.

We have an inner need to know and to be known.
Only when we open up like a flower to the sun
will we experience the joy of  Level-Five.*

The satisfaction of this need brings us an experience of becoming ….
We are being honest with another
and that is beautiful - being honest with ourselves.

When we build walls 
we can experience a sense of security. 
But it locks us in
and locks others out.

Self alienation
Self starvation of spirit 
we are planted in a field of loneliness. 
We have built ourself a prison. 

Our internal SAFE
is password protected
it is chained and padlocked
It is SAFE but not sound.
We are alone. 

Level Five/ L5  communication is a a simple concept.
yet so powerful. 
SEARCH my for many reflections on this.

And this QUOTE says it all for me.