Tuesday, April 16, 2019

You may know I am a #RugbyLeague supporter + my team 'The @Saints1890 ' - so LOVED this in my weekly 'League Express'


Little Johnnie, a Salford supporter along with his dad, was attending his first rugby union match, watching Sale Sharks at the AJ Bell Stadium. Said Little Johnnie: "Dad, why do rugby union players have a pocket in their shorts?" 

Dad replied: "It's to keep a handkerchief in, so when they get their nose busted in a tackle, they can wipe the blood off." 

Little Johnnie, looking perplexed, then asked: "What do Rugby League players do when they get their nose busted?" 

Dad replied: "They pull their nose off, wipe it on their shorts and then stick it back on again!" 

S Rimmer, Warrington