Sunday, April 28, 2019

Hey do you feel beautiful? Do you believe , you are beautiful?

Hey do you feel beautiful? 
Do you believe ,
you are beautiful? 

I think - the answers you give to those questions, 
determine how you handle life. 
I naturally think - have I put the comma in the right place? 
I accept I am ignorant of basic things, 
but I believe I am beautiful imperfection.

John O'Donohue has said that the 
Greek word for "the beautiful" is to "kalon” 
which is related to the word "kalein."
This is entwined to "call" or "calling.” 
So, John says - 
"when we experience beauty, we feel called.” 
Do you feel called?
Do you believe you are called? 

I first started using the phrase 
"You are a beautiful human person” 
when I was working with gangs of young humans. 

I struggled to love them - at first. 
They were constantly abusing. 
Me and others.
Some spit in your face. 
They lashed out physically. 
Sometimes, even worse, 
there was no response, 
no acknowledgement that I existed.

To be able to continue to work and love
I knew I had to start to learn
to see through their behaviour
and love the person
beyond behaviour.
So I started to say - 'YOU are beautiful'.

That gave ME a problem.
each one of theses BHP’s I work with - 
is beautiful  
I had to turn that on myself.
I was beautiful!
I am beautiful
(Much easier to type than say!)

I decided that God loves me some years before. 
God loves these beautiful humans.
Beautiful-Imperfection - like me!
I need to learn to love. 
I need to grow as a human - in love. 
Then I started to say, 
and write, 
and express in every way I could: 
"You are a beautiful human person".
"The human soul is hungry for beauty; 
we seek it everywhere - 
in landscape, 
music, art, clothes, furniture, 
gardening, companionship, love, 
religion, and in ourselves. 
We feel most alive in the presence of the Beautiful 
for it meets the needs of our soul.” 
John O'Donohue. Beauty: The Invisible Embrace.

The beauty I see, 
the most powerful beauty, 
is in you. 

The greatest beauty is - is in us humans. 
Despite behaviour, 
despite your behaviour,
you are beautiful.