Friday, February 08, 2013

Valentine Love for the rest of us.

I am placing a quote at the bottom of this BLOG.
My question is relating to the 5 BLOBS above.
You see - I wish Valentines Day
was for the ones most in need of some love.
The ones we find the hardest to LOVE.

ACTIVITY:: Think of a a person who is bruised.
Someone who is going through a rough time.
THEN - pick one of the Blobs above which illustrates best how that person FEELS?
If you touch the screen physically - it makes more of an impact on you.

Did you do it?
Are you more of an  'audience'  or more of a  'Participant'?
Pick which BLOB  is you  right now - the nearest to your / FEELINGS.
TOUCH IT ...................


Now the Quote I mentioned.
Which of the BLOBS best fits how this person feels.

"My father always made me know I was fat.
I could never make him love me.
I decided nobody would love me unless I was perfect.
I felt ugly, as if I was falling down a dark hole."

Jane Fonda