Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A Guest Blog from PRISON.


This is my first attempt at writing a blog and I am doing it from my prison cell with a pen and a piece of paper. 

As some of you may know I am Bobby Hossain a co-author of the book  'Between the Bars'
I am now back in prison doing a five year sentence, a severe mistake of trust in 'old friends' and an unfair trial. This has led me to a point of 'what's done is done'.
I stay positive and look forward regardless.

Pip asked me to do a guest blog so I thought I would start with this intro first so you can understand where I am and my insights first hand.

BOOK:: 'Out of sight - out of mind' by Jon Podmore.

Lucky for me, I have a big passion for reading, and especially in prison, and my beautiful Mrs Keyshia sent me me this book and it's profound how much I, as a prisoner, can not only relate to this book, but can actually sit by myself in a cell reading - saying 'here's someone who actually gets it'.

Prisoners and prisons will always be 'out of sight and out of mind'. 
The media and general public interest in prison is 'let all the lags rot in jail because it costs the taxpayer too much money'.
I even read in The Sun on Sunday (20th January page 29) an article about prisoners drinking £6 million worth of milk a year and the taxpayer foots the bill. 
Really - is that prison milk bill the most important statistic about prison!

One of the most important facts everyone should always remember is:-
Every prisoner is a human being and not an animal on a lesser human being. 
A human being just like you!
The only difference is the mistake of mistakes they made that cost them their freedom. 
It should never cost them their right to humanity because one day we will be free from prison and expected to behave like 'normal' people. But when you are treated like an animal with no humanity or dignity in prison - then released into a society that has no idea what it's like for ex- prisoners. We are still out of sight out of mind on release day.

I urge anybody who wishes to understand watch prison is really like and why it is failing, to read 'out of sight out of mind' by John Podmore ex Prison Governor with 25 years experience in jails and with my stamp of respect for a great book with many facts hidden from the public about prison life.

Cheers Bobby. 
A prisoner until 2015!