Friday, June 12, 2015

Take 5 - words - feelings - Team Work - connecting

Five words to describe my life at the moment;


Single and real words 
don't seem to fit my 5 words brief at the moment.
I want to stretch them as I yearn to communicate.

I remember sitting with the Queen 
and telling her about the five word answer by Santos 
who I worked with that week/month/year.
I didn't have the courage to ask her hers.

We all have five words.
Usually the positive ones come first.
there is a deeper google type interior search of the self 
and a resulting deeper revelation comes through.
Often the latter words are more real than the former.
I find, humans are given so little opportunity to spill
by those around them not prepared to listen.
Or maybe these humans are not sensitised 
or skilled or tuned to listening?
When someone is really listening - 
I find that people will take risks and share words of reality.

I am asked to do more training in 
Team Work/Team Building than anything else.
So I see lots of teams.
'Games People Play' - a book by Eric Berne
a good description of teams ............

If we can work at being authentic
being open
being Level Five
a different climate is evident
eyes active
emotional radar - ON

If a team is physically glued together - hugging each other - kissing each other.
the physical not really needed
because we can be there emotionally without the physical.

It is beautiful to feel an un-requested 
massage around your shoulders.
A touch to the arm
a kiss  to the cheek
a touch to your foot from another under the table.

Fantastic if a team can hug and kiss - 
but the bonding can happen with major physical things.
Culture plays a part
and a group be bonded like a honeycomb
rather than
marbles in a jar.

Marbles in a jar make a lot of noise
take up a lot of space
hardly touch
highly individual
hardly unique

a honeycomb however ………. 
we modules can’t be separated
without damaging one another …..