Monday, June 29, 2015

Two Games books - 'Watching Human People Grow'

This is the cover of one of my Books.
The Rolling Magazine Book.
100 or so games 
the wild wacky messy type of games

Still available from me only for £10

My introduction in this book is reprinted below.
Someone once said to me that this had become their written purpose in life - a sort of mission statement !
How does it fit your Personal Mission ?????


Watching Human People Grow 
Youth Workers and people workers around the world are always looking for new ideas which they can keep /on tap/ or /on shelf to use appropriately. 
Because we are into seeing human people grow. 
Because we desire to see humans open up like flowers do to the sun. 
Everything I know to be good and have tried and unperfected, 
I have squeezed into this book. 

It is a collection of tools, ideas, ice breakers, stories, games and miscellaneous resources for youth workers, teachers, group workers, church workers, organisers of parties, camps, houseparties, training conferences and weekends. 

There is basic fun stuff plus loads of communication tools to take groups of beautiful humans into even more beautiful experiences. 

As a youth worker for years, years and years and a Christian for most of that time I have collected, designed, tried and tested all sorts of activities, not just for fun - even though most are but because 
I live to see God's number one creation - human creation - become more whole. 
Whole being . . . 
Growing in awareness of themselves 
Growing in awareness of others around them 
Growing in awareness of God and his aliveness 
Growing in awareness of the world in which we live 
Growing in skills to enable us to effect change in these areas. 

I know that awareness raising is needed but I am also aware that skills need to be learned to enable the Kingdom of God to 
be established on earth as it is in heaven.


This is another of my Games books.
'Games without Frontiers'

Sadly out of print - I would love to republish it one day.