Sunday, June 07, 2015

Interview with The Edge and Adam Clayton of #U2

Interview with The Edge and Adam Clayton of U2

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After almost 40 years together, a gazillion records sold, dozens of Grammy Awards, and the highest grossing concert tour (2011) in rock-n-roll history, U2 shows no signs of slowing down. 
Even amidst the negativity surrounding Apple's release of their new album, "Songs of Innocence," Bono's bike injuries and the recent death of their longtime tour manager, Dennis Sheehan, the band soldiers on with fierce grace.
In reference to Sheehan's tragic passing, a PR rep for the band said, "We just can't wait to put this week behind us."
On the final night of a five-show residency at the Forum in Los Angeles, I caught up with guitarist The Edge and bassist Adam Clayton for local radio station, 102.1 KPRi.
In a 10-minute exclusive interview held in U2's "Beautiful Day" dressing room, we discussed their love for San Diego, the current Innocence + Experience Tour and the possibility of playing Coachella in the future.

Interview with U2

Here are some of the highlights:
DiscoverSD:  You haven't played San Diego in a decade. What's the deal?
The Edge: All I can say is it's a long tour and some shows haven't been finalized or booked yet, so, who knows...
Adam Clayton: It's nothing personal, it's just so hard when you're routing a tour.
DiscoverSD: Any fond memories of our town?
The Edge: I think of the place as being idyllic. On one tour, our dear friend Dennis Hopper was down with us and we had a couple of days hanging with him on the beach and it was one of those pinch yourself moments.
DiscoverSD: I saw the show last week and found myself getting emotional during "Where The Streets Have No Name." Why is that?
Adam Clayton: That's because they're not really our songs anymore, they're the audiences songs and they meaning different things to the audience and they take you on different journeys.
The Edge: It's because of that, we try so hard. We're allergic to anything that feels phony.
DiscoverSD: Will you ever play Coachella?
The Edge: It's a great festival, I've been myself and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it would have to be the right time, for the right reasons, I'd love to think we would at some point.
Adam Clayton: Yes.