Tuesday, June 09, 2015

12 men in the UK will commit suicide today.

Mind is one of Britain's main mental health charities; according to its research, just 23% of men would see a GP if they felt low for more than two weeks, compared with 33% of women. 

"One of the more common ways men deal with it is self-medicating with alcohol and drugs,” 
says the Mind spokeswoman Beth Murphy 
"They start going to the pub, block feelings, hide feelings', drink, Then do it more, and it becomes'a cycle. 
The drugs and alcohol can as big a problem as the mental distress' in the first place.” 

Indeed, research has suggested that men are twice as likely as women to develop alcoholism.

It’s this issue of us NUMBING feelings, as I concluded when I did my study of Urban deprivation and gang-life in 1979, sometimes with the help of drink or drugs, rather than seeking help.

Men are so reluctant to seek help.

12 men in the UK will commit suicide today.