Saturday, June 13, 2015

My history, excitement, thrill, childhood, teenage reflections of #RugbyLeague and beating the Pies.

Just have to blog about last night.
We beat the Pie Eaters in a tough battle of bodies and hearts and minds.

When I was just a kid
we played rugby in Gaskell Park
I must have been from aged 5 on upwards.
Always rugby league
never Football/soccer.

And then when I grew older it was #RugbyLeague at schools.
Never the other code - it was just the Grammar School who played Onion !

AND older still we went to all the matches at home and away.
Dougie Greenall - Glen Moses - Stan Vanvollenhoven
just some of the famous players of those many years.

Teenagers - we went to play snooker in a venue near St Helens railway station and then went off to the match.
Being player at school and after, every tackle every pass and kick was felt inside my soul.
I remember playing with Tommy Bishop at Blackbrook #RugbyLeague Club
I remember playing against Alex Murphy at school - he just run rings around my school team - then he was off - signed for Saints at an early age.

When I left school I played for several clubs - I was even Captain of one of the teams and we won a cup one year.
I remember standing on a table afterwards, in a local pub, doing an impression of 
Little Richard in a loud gravelly voice - spilling beer as you do.

I love my #RugbyLeague 
Really working class roots
real grizzly - hard fought rugby.
So much skill and speed.
I had neither - I was a Prop when younger and later played Hooker 
when scrums were a place to fight for the ball.

I can remember many violent acts which I won't tell you about as it may seem as if I am boasting and agreeing with violence.

So me and MrsBeautiful Beautiful were watching the TV last night.
Nervous as we knew this Derby game as a big game for many people and always is.
Saints v Wigan
The biggest games of the season
we were scared of losing
passionate to win
so we jumped around as we scored and well thrashed the Wigan team - WE did it !
Saints 30  - Wigan 14

I went to sleep relieving
Woke up remembering
the blood spilled - the bruising tackles - the lives laid on the line for me and MrsBeautiful 

Thank you our team - now let's stay as league leaders.
A big ask!