Monday, June 22, 2015

Sorry I have been offline - I have been having a baby !

I have been offline since Tuesday last.
Sorry no blogs and the usual touching tips with you via the internet.
eMail logjam before me and less energy inside me !

We have been expecting a baby ………….
The plan was to go to look after Connie for 24 hours
MrsBeautiful to stay for another few nights if needed.
I took one shirt and one pair of underpants !

It ended up with us being away 6 days !
The birth didn’t happen on Tuesday !
Connie was ill and off school - 
(first days of missing school EVER)
it was a time of stress feelings for us
for Mum-to-be going through it in hospital
and Connie being so unwell.

So Ann in hospital all 6 days
Baby just not delivering as planned - 
but also the hospital busy with births
and emergencies that Ann blocked a bed for 6 days
because they could not give her the time
until the great day when baby
popped into the world and named Nell
at 4.30 a.m. 20th June
Officially named = Cornelia but will be known as Nell.

Lots of photos forthcoming - how can we not rejoice 
the miracle of birth
a new beautiful human entering the world !
A big sister delighting in a little baby sister.
We have 
two Daughters
and now
two Grandaughters !

I feel drained.
It was like being on holiday in a way
strange bed
in a strange kitchen
shopping in strange shops
observing a different community
walking around the community for the first time.
I am still disoriented - in recovery mode !

A privilege to be helpful and so close to the action.
Loving everyone Mother, Father, Big Sis, - Little Sis !

I feel my life begins again
after the interlude
and a new life begins
*for a little family
*our larger family

My song is LOVE unknown ……..