Thursday, June 25, 2015

3 reasons to be at Greenbelt Festival this August

3 reasons to be at Greenbelt Festival this AugustNo Images? Click here

You won’t get this mix of stuff anywhere else

From Ozzy radical Dave Andrews with his Jihad for Jesusto Ockham’s Razor's aerial acrobatics in The Mill. From the indispensable Iona Community leader John Bell to contemporary dance from TrashDollys. From guerilla gardener Richard Reynolds to housewifely comedian Barbara Nice. From slack-rope-walking and den-building to the quiet of The Grove, The Shelter and The Mount, Greenbelt's programme defies categorisation, slipping from art and ideas into devotion with elusive ease.

You won’t get this togetherness anywhere else

There's an energy at Greenbelt. It's born out of a recognition that activism and justice aren't just political things, but articles of faith. That's why people find Greenbelt a transforming place, where they can be provoked and inspired in a safe and inclusive setting. From working hard to support those with access requirements to our welcoming those of all faiths (and none), Greenbelt brings people together, a temporary tented community with a long-lasting effect.

You won’t festival in a more breathtaking setting

Our theme for GB15 is RS Thomas' poem The Bright Field. It's a poem that urges us not to rush, but to slow down and notice. The Grade I-listed parkland at Boughton House provides the perfect location in which to reconnect with both soil and soul, to build and mend friendships with one another, the good earth, and the good God who made us. Trees, lakes, waterways, waterfalls meadows and birdsong. Welcome to Greenbelt's festival home.

1: Content

Relish the most energising and eclectic arts, faith and justice bill on the planet.

2: Community

Join with us this August. Be part of the movement. Be part of the transformation.

3: Countryside

Check out our Flickrstream from last year to remember just how beautiful Boughton is.

Britain’s greatest festival ... The opportunities to be challenged, affirmed, welcomed and angered as well as entertained ... it’s enough to make me nostalgic the day after it finishes.

Jonty Langley, Huffington Post