Monday, June 15, 2015

A young BHP - From the heart - spilling

I always encourage people to write.
On the courses I facilitate.
Even if it's just one sentence.
Stuff comes out of the soul.
Writing is different than thinking or talking.

For years back in the day - 
Young BHP's have written poems for me.
I have a stack of letters from prison.
Poems - beautiful stuff.
From the heart - spilling.

Here is such a great spill
I share it with you::

Nobody Nos...

Nobody knew the sorrow and pain when my life began.
The screaming and shouting that went on.
We had done wrong everyday, so scared to move just in case my Mum got the boot.
12 pints of Newcastle, then he had turned into a nasty bastard.
Shouting and belting everyone, even when we had done nothing wrong.
My brother was given a beating that really left my mother weeping smacked to the floor
Just not for eating.

Nobody knew the sorrow and pain.

By:  Steph