Friday, June 17, 2005


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....... ..just in from the gig with BRMC ........ I had tubed it under London and aimed my nose at Kings Cross and met our Joy. We walked to the smallest and grubbiest Thai Restaurant you can imagine. Down through the door of 'Paolina' - past the beaming staff-behind the 'in your face kitchen/server/everything ......... down some worn rickety steps into a basement eating area ............ and there we were knee deep in wondrous home-cooking style food. hmmm ...... here I go again with the hmmmms.

Pete-the-Greek, Joy's boyfriend lives near here and it is a favourite hangout and a place to search out if you are around that area anytime. Clock the address and name - place it in your Mobile and think of 'King' and 'Cross'

I am puffing my first mild-small-cigar of the day, two days, and have a bottle of Czech beer on the go - run out of stinking Cointreau haven't I? Away too much and neglecting the spirit!

We then nipped into the local cobbled street into the local wine bar and eatery called Smithy's. Joy once had one of her birthday parties there. She seems to have one every year.
Or more! A quick drink and then over the road to 'The Scala' a wee rock club just at the door of Kings Cross Station and those major development for the Eurostar when it comes to London.

We had to wait for the other Sheila, Ann, as she was on another multiple late night editing spree to complete the new MTV TV programme called 'Pimp my Ride' baby (I added the baby bit myself!
It will be advertised soon on the billboards and I understand that MTV are running an ad now.
I have not seen her for ages - couple of months I think but we talk and text all the time.
WILL be giging with her again on Saturday at the U2 gig with about 60,000 humans instead of the 1500 squashed into the Scala. Great venue. I want one for Fathers Day!!
I love these Sheilas.

We just made it for BRMC as they took the stage at 9.30. ( I find it rather difficult smoking a cigar - drinking lager and clicking keys - pause!)
They have a new album out soon, I would love to see them at Greenbelt, which is called 'Havered' (is that correct Ross?) More of a country/folky feel it is. Much better than the previous albums but still very rock and upbeat. (Ross joined us at the gig too - and I saw a couple of Wroes doing the pogo to "Spread your love like a fever ........"

You are beautiful ......... speak laters ....................