Thursday, June 09, 2005

.... the Month of May is for U2 .....

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......... busy day today and packing for Brussels tomorrow/week-end and my conference two days on Monday Tuesday AND then a little trip to Manchester to catch a band called U2 ......

.... I have this next slice of words as a display on my mac ..... in view all the time and I want to drink it and live it to the scrapings at the bottom of my soul ....... :-

Shalom is .......

"a For the individual -
a totally integrated life of health of body,
heart and mind,
attuned to nature,
open to others,
in joy with God.

b Between persons -
and love.

c In community or society - justice,
and freedom,
and reciprocity,
the contentment with 'enough'
that all may have 'enough'.

It is he opposite to oppression, violence, and selfishness;
it means man/woman as a caring trustee of creation,
having ended exploitation, indifference and irresponsibility.
This is something of the shalom of God
'which passes all understanding',
the total well-being he wills for man - woman
and the cosmos,
the goal of his mission,
the content of his reign"

Jim Punton