Friday, June 03, 2005

My most beautifuls (Joy in gray and Ann) in a Fashion Magazine some years ago ...... I love the pic .........

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.............. writing today and bitty stuff in my life .....

Also Big John and me engaged on the 'phone and he showed me how to edit an MP3 track using some free software. It is great how you can take out bits from a track and add bits ...... also I can do a voice over the track "you are beautiful" .... or do an intro. I like it that I can record a radio programme and then delete the DJ or just extract one song. I am not saying I know how to do it but I will need to spend some late night doing some practice ....

Watched the Rugby on TV again tonight - that and films are really my relaxation.

Quiet w/e this ....... with lots to do ...... out for curry with friends and big prep for next week. I find I have to strike out a whole day, sometimes well in advance, when I am due to lead a Training Course or Conference.

And next week-end I am in Brussels with U2 and then straight into a two day conference Monday and Tuesday.

I am not a peaceful man - I don't want that.

I am a 'shalom' man - I am walking that way.
I want to stay restless and yearning as I journey towards 'the shalom' which is much more than 'peace' ....... the weak word used instead of the Hebrew Word 'shalom' in that well known book.

Shalom is .......

"a For the individual - a totally intergrated life of health of body, heart and mind, attuned to nature, open to others, in joy with God.

b Between persons - sharing, mutuality and love.

c In community or society - justice, dignity, independence and freedom, harmony and reciprocity, the contentment with 'enough' that all may have 'enough'.

It is he opposite to oppression, violence, and selfishness; it means man/woman as a caring trustee of creation, having ended exploitation, indifference and irresponsibility. This is something of the shalom of God 'which passes all understanding', the total well-being he wills for man - woman and the cosmos, the goal of his mission, the content of his reign"
Jim Punton