Tuesday, October 11, 2005

.... interaction .....

He reminded me of Mahatma Ghandi - an older man - Asian man - man with dignity - man of gentleness.

He said hello first and the interaction would have been short if my response to his "Hello are you ok?" had been "Ok thanx"
Instead my response of "I am not really ok as I am having a problem with imperfection - it follows me around." - this triggered a warm response.
He told me that no-one is perfect and I asked if that applied to Ghandi - that great man.

"No-one is perfect he repeated"

We chatted on and he told me about his highly qualified medic daughter who visits him by flying over from New York USA some week-ends. He shared a personal delight with me about his loved one.

We were in London UK.
His name is Chris - we were in his corner shop/newsagent where I had never been before.
This short exchange ended a hand shake and a treasured moment in my day ............. there were more ......