Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pip Diddy here ...

.. or as my daughters would say
'Pip Daddy'

The Magazine jumped from the rack and wrestled with my throat ........ it was a Music mag. I used to get a magazine weekly called 'Muzik' but it went bust. It was a great and helped keep me up with my favourite dance music scene.
This shelf tempter mag was called 'iDJ' and on the front cover was a word which propelled it from it's place right into my soul ......... it said JAZZANOVA one of my favourite artistes/label/mixers ....... Berlin Based and really exciting stuff. They have new albums coming out this side of Christmas so I will rave to you when I get them .......

Was at the concert of BRMC last night with Daughter little She , Ann by name ........ also Wez and Martin and was great hanging out with Dan the Manager who I have not seen for ages proper.

If you know me - I always have my camera - locked in ........... last night I didn't have it so the very special human Martin will email me some of the best - for YOU!


That is a question I have been asking humans this last week and getting some great answers.
See this one.

you are beautiful.
Remember ...........