Friday, April 13, 2007

Joan is proof reading the Gutter Feelings book and the feelings are hitting her chest.
She says it is tough to read and tough to proof read.

At the same time I am writing the new stuff from the past few years.

These two photos remind me about how working in Armenia with young humans changed my life.
I have just been writing this for the book.

See these two pix.
The are both of the 'One Game' which I play/use and play the U2 Song 'One' at the same time.

It is an expriential game that is full of feeling - giving trust and receiving trust - support - the Kingdom experienced.

Just look how relaxed the two BHP's are when being lifted high - with eyes closed.
See those lifting - heads bowed in some cases - feeling it too.

It cannot be placed into words - it is about the feelings, the experience.
Click each pic to enlarge - look again at these humans ....... can you do empathy with them?

This is Armenia.
These are young humans in Armenia
Those days changed my direction and my life ........