Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is a slice of life.
It is reasonably recent, Personality Analysis called Myers Briggs.
This is one sheet of a multi-sheet pack.
Click it to see in a large format.

I was not always like this. I have developed like us all.
Once I was violent - but only in a game.

My playing of Rugby League was being violent.
I used to help the team to win because I was violent.
Not just rough and hard in the tackle.

Really I was no good at the skills of the game.
But I was tough in the tackle.

Before that I felt I was a nobody.
I could not read when I was 12 so .......... a grammar school kid was paid half a crown by my Mother to teach me on Saturday mornings.
I remember that.
I did learn and then eventually loved reading.

I guess that school had few attractions to me other than having fun and playing rugby.
The b stream was mine.
I did all the boys around me did, and wanted me to do.

Now I think that life is about how we respond to the circumstances thrown at us rather than being swept along by the quirks of life.

So whatever life chucks ........... I have decide how to live,
evolving from the life of 'becoming'
rather than being set,
rather than being a follower of the quirks of life.

Being adult, being centered on life, being an act-or rather than a reactor,
choosing life
rather than life directing me.
There is faith in all this, the centre.

I have decided to make my life an act of love.

So whatever life chucks ...........
I have decided how to live,
a life of 'becoming'
rather than being set, only a human 'being'
rather than just letting life happen...............
I want to reside in 'becoming'
............ and I accept I will never be complete ........

God gave you style, he gave you grace.
God put a smile upon your face.