Monday, July 16, 2007

.... and here in the UK we go out for
'an Indian'

our favourite food .........

Last night I went out 'for an Indian' with two Indians.

I was with Richard and
Mr Singh.

We feed
we beered
fed each other in other ways
it was a nourishing time

A meal out is not about the food
it was a good meal of course
but the other feeding
was special
the soul comes to mind.
"you never step in the same river twice"

We had an Indian together a few weeks ago
but we never step in the same river twice
we were in new places
body mind spirit

It was beautiful .........

Joan is back home from spending a few days with her Mother
a terrible illness
the mind goes before the body
(did I tell yo about the young woman I met who was working on a dementia hospital ward - and she had, on the ward, a woman in her early 40's suffering from dementia.
She has forgotten how to eat.
A life before her physically.
No life before her mentally.
There is currently no cure!)

Joan is tired and was not relaxed but - I did my best and as the evening went on - she relaxed some ......

I am aware of many humans who are going through tough times.
None of us the same.

The Road Less Travelled - a great book.
The first three words in the book::
"Life is difficult ............. "

I am with you in yours
if not personally
those around you
let us hold hands
touch finger tips
you are beautiful ................