Monday, July 02, 2007

.... another picture from last week ....

You will see from behind - the attentive mirroring by the listeners.

You will see the bowed head as reflections dig deep - cutting through the feelings of the moment to articulate the experience.

You will see the body frames leaning forward - eager - proximity - eyes will be still as if to view the emotions ..... and they are there in the body frame and the facial expressions ...

It is only when the caterpillar leaves it's silk palace and begins to stretch and flutter
........ and begin to reach it's potential in flight ..........
that it discovers new experiences ...........

Like us - it has to leave it's comfort zone.
Like us it needs to give up crawling.
Like us it needs to stretch so much that it cracks what is containing it.
Like us it can fly but will never know until it moves from a
Beautiful being
Beautiful becoming.