Wednesday, July 04, 2007

..... and someone said to me today::

"I hate to say this - but I thought your session was good."

Hmmmmm .....
I received it with positive feelings.

I am able to handle compliments much better nowadays.

Some humans, NO - I think many/most, have difficulty affirming another.
I am committed to
doing it
saying it
demonstrating it
exhibiting it
at all times.

You are a beautiful human person
You are beautiful

Maybe, you may tell me if I am right, that I may go overboard sometimes?
But I would rather take that risk.

Sometime I am aware that humans struggle with receiving affirmation
But love it love it non-the-less.

I thought I led a good session too.

Where do you receive affirmation?
Who gives you affirmation?

Yes - I believe you are beautiful ............... and if you don't feel that .......... all the more vital that someone tells you that
you are beautiful