Monday, March 10, 2008

..... and I love this pic of She at work.
The cameras so close.
The cam men balancing their capture tools so gently.
Sheila smiling, delighted by the human interactions.
I felt proud when I saw here working.
I felt proud because she connected with humans so well.
Love how she touched as she spoke.
Love her eye contact .
Facial expressions.
Love it ........

Was too tired to blog last night.
The flight home from Belfast was lost as I slept three times in an hour.
The plane bounced as it hit the tarmac.
A few white knuckles around me.

Will post some pix and reflections from my time there - soon.
It was wondrous.

Today it is the iMax Cinema for U23D.
The drinks and curry with friends.
Then Big John staying overnight.
Life is a roller coaster.