Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It was just a concert.
But forget the 'JUST'.

A group of us went to see U2 in concert.
In 3D.
In the largest iMax movie house in the Uk -
Waterloo in London Town.

I have never had such an experience.
I saw the last U2 tour gigs many times.
This very tour - but
this was so close up.
Particularly impressive was the drum kit and Larry beating, driving such a pace.
The intensity of all the band as they delivered to the Max.

I never recommend a holiday destination, a movie, a restaurant da de daa
but this is so unmissable for music lovers.

It was such good fun too - a great Greenbelt crowd of humans.
Much more pix to post - many more words to click.

I just love this life in connection with you ................