Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Signals in my head

"Get on the plane and sleep".

It is snowing here!

I am at Aalesund airport ready to fly direct to London Gatwick.
I am tired but have an hour to wait before boarding.

Have just chatted to Joan on my iPhone
I have not been able to text her or anyone.
It has happened in Greece, France and now Norway.
I receive ok but not send.
I must have a word ............

Joan is tired but back at base from visiting her Mother.
She expects to be drained and she is.
It will be 5 hours or so before I hit base.
We will eat and talk into the night.
Love it.

I am already planning my prep day tomorrow.
I know I will have to neglect my inbox again.
I must prep for Wednesday onwards - the priority.
But I am not stretching my brain on that
just delight in the great stimulating time I have had.
Massive learning .................... learning via stretch.
That is true of me - I will never know how it will work through for others - but
I believe ........

I am rambling
so I will end.

One last thing::
you are beautiful
you are beautiful and that is not depending on feelings
or the thought process
or behaviour
because - you are beautiful at the core
and behaviour, thoughts and feelings - just need to catch up !!