Thursday, March 13, 2008

A quick one
Home late
need to prep tomorrow
A tough one
Will let you know how I go on.

The Tube trains not rammed today hmm?
More importantly .....
Some great human 'one on ones' today
Had some new thoughts today.

If I became a millionaire tomorrow
I would still do the same as I do now
I chose what I do
I love what I do
It is challenging somewhat-sometimes
But I love it love it.

One thing,
still with this millionaire thing,
I would hire a PA
for thirty years I had one
that is why I cannot type
(spelling failure is through thickness though)

I have books in me
I have books hand written
I even have a book at proof stage
Just need to stinking type them
get them out of my soul
into the world.

How do you like my music on my piPhone above.
Please keep your sound up.
Please get some decent speakers.
Music is everything.
And if you hear it good
it plugs direct into the soul.

Another thought - then must go,
I said to Jude on Monday night,
in the middle of a Chicken Tikka Massala,
"I am aware that lots of humans, when we are chatting and stuff,
never ask me about what I do.

Jude did and I splurted out some little tip of the tongue stories
Many do not ask me - and I wonder why?

bBlessed bBeaitiful bBecoming ................