Saturday, September 13, 2008

Awake too early. Several times during the night I turn to my wristwatch. Too early too early. I can feel the tiredness. Even the need for sleep.

I have many humans on my mind. Reflective practice no. I believe in that, but now it is reflective non-strategic.

I love my Sheilas I think of them often. I do not worry. They are beautiful. Beautiful imperfection like us all. But I do not worry about them. Delight would be the word.

And Joan who I breathe and have my being with. I don't worry but a care when she has pressures from her beloved Mother who has left us in some way - but still very much around. She is the most generous human I have ever met. Always giving. It still surprises me when she tells me she has been praying for 'such a person' every day.
And she copes well with me being out a lot - a missionary man. This week-end we will delight in quality time ................. love it love it.

And I awake with things I need to do - yesterday. I dwell on things I could have done better. Some delicate flow of dynamics in a Team or group. I am restless always about that climate that that needs composing as an artiste would. I am waking up with these clicks as I churn out the reality of the now........................ amen - I will eat some breakfast and read the Guardian - hit the reality of the World.