Monday, September 08, 2008

Here we were - at the tacky Rugby League ground of the Saints.
Last week we celebrated the great win at Wembley and last Friday we delighted with the town, club, fans and team as they secured the League title - top of the Rugby League for four seasons on the trot.
It was not good to only draw with the Pie Eaters - our historic rivals.
'Clap your hands if you hate Wigin' was the song - and I joined in
(and I don't hate anyone - but the Pie Eaters!! .... just part of the ritual!)

So now we enter the playoffs with five other teams. This brings the end of season to a punchy close.
On the 4th October the Grand Final is played at Old Trafford and I hope we will be the winners and receiving the treble.
Come on the Saints .......................................