Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life pressures
had to get up this morning
just had to look out to sea
then that over bearing total blue sky
then greek honey, greek yoghurt and fruit and peppermint tea on the balcony.
Such pressure.
Then you have to go down the one street town.
Old men drinking Grek coffee and arguing loudly.
Stop at the bakery for fresh bread for lunch
the a stock up with more fruit and bits ....
It is a hard life.

After this - we will have the sea before us
A sunlounger and a book.
Gilles Peterson, BenjiB, Pete Tong, Some exciting dance music - they will all be on the beach with me. Love it love it.

Friends are friends who lock in to you and do things knowing you love it love it.
Big John has placed the webcam from our holiday venue -a widget right here on my Blog-spot.
In fact - if you read this pretty soon - we are there on camera RIGHT now.
Having a cup of coffee - checking those emails and blog-a-d-blogging.
Thanx Big John - what a friend.

Nothing much else to report.
Will post some more music on my player soon - and maybe a holiday video or two.
You are beautiful .......................