Monday, September 15, 2008

These are my window-shelf 'on the go' books at the moment. There are others scattered around Wilson Mansions.

They are soul food and I sometimes can only read one paragraph before the mind races away into cultural transposition.

I have two fiction. Jack Reacher which I started two months ago and have not touched it since. And one called 'the Shack' yet to face kick off.

Both are on the packing list for a one week break in two weeks time. We shoot off to Greece for a bit of sun which
alluded us in June. At the moment our Greek destination is soaking up temperatures at 27/28 hey hey.

How do you refresh your spirit.
This is my way.
This my best way.
Humans are the other.

Another question now -
For risk takers only::

How do you refresh your irritation?