Sunday, January 15, 2012

I think
most people
get used to
not giving anything away
other than their attributes.
Some bold and brassy
some gentle and subtle.
But only spilling what they are good at.

So we end up not knowing that person.
We may admire them for
until we share our wounds
we are unknown to each other.

So many feeling alone - alone
So many feeling depressed - depressing.
So many bored out of their head - boringly.
So many on lock down - locked in.
Don't know how to self disclose
Don't know how to 'LEVEL FIVE'
In a hole
Without a spade.

We can't get out of the inhibiting habit,
of undressing our soul.
of sharing more intimately.
of knowing ourselves through sharing
and discovering others
who are just the same
(all of us - yes ALL of us)
only ALL
Unique beautiful humans.

I am talking about authenticity.
I am talking about an interior journey.
Joining the dots
the inside
meeting our outside
Grace for the soul.

I often ask the question
'When did you become an adult?'

I hear such wondrous stories.
Nobody (NOBODY)
tells me 'when I was 18'
everyone going deeper than the skin
and I hear spilling
beautiful spilling from a
overloaded soul -
like a kettle boiling over.
So beautiful.
So spiritual.
So emotional.
So sociable.
So relational.
I love it.

Try it
and others will join you.