Friday, January 20, 2012


so much more personal.

I share what I feel
I don't want you to think I am
who I am not.

WE the collective US
who includes me and you
We often only show our attributes
we get excited about them
and we communicate ................

When we flake
or crumble
or lie on the ironing board = FLAT
we don't so much spill who we are.

Today, earlier
I felt vulnerable, lacking energy, too much to do
not focused/strategic/delivering/communication OUT
and within.

I think it is a thorn in my side
really it is in my right toe knuckle.

Not the big swollen un-walkable foot as some past times.
This is a limping hit
an aching hit
a pain killer tablet demanding hit
head to toe hit - in reverse.
I am sure that that niggle
is hitting my emotions.

Yesterday we called in on a good friend.
Confined to a wheelchair
full of emotions
great in character
leg in plaster/bed downstairs/immobile/yet so alive.

On top of that
his beloved wife and long term friend of ours,
is in a care home - not able to look after herself.
I feel it deeply.................

So I compare
I click here as reflection
and therapy.

I am OK
I am beautiful.

And praying for Ken and Eve.