Monday, January 20, 2014

PAIN is good.

"Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable".

I have met with humans this week who show their 
'uncomfortable' on their faces.
Lots of humans I know - hide it.
Some, the pain comes through.
I meet with human individuals as part of my work
It is a privilege.
The ones who concern me are the ones 
who carry their pain in their faces 
and are not willing or able to talk at it.

Opening, exploring, is a way of working things through.
Never to a conclusion, 
reaching a conclusion - maybe never BUT
- but a start on a journey ............

Some are up one day, self destruct another.
Sometimes it is not in daily modules -
it can be hourly fluctuations - or less.
What the hell is going on inside?

It is all down to feelings which humans flee from.
So many are scared of feelings 
rather than see them as signals like toothache.
Pain is good - as long as we read the signals.