Saturday, January 18, 2014

One page from the Level Five book by Blob Tree Communications

It' not a grey page like this - it is .............. square
and interactive with your pen/brain/soul/life/becoming

This page explains the first 4 levels of communication
Level 5 is on the next page in the book.

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Blob Level 5

Paperback, 87 Pages 
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Blob Level 5 is a book that helps the reader to grasp the different layers of communication that happens each time that we have a conversation. Starting with cliches and ending up with total openness, it provides a positive understanding of the need to express ourselves at a deeper level.Each section is covered using illustrations, exercises, questions and places to make notes. Towards the end, it applies these ideas in the areas of bullying and spirituality. A quick and easy read that will change the way that you encounter others forever.