Friday, January 17, 2014

An encounter with a beautiful alcoholic human.

It is late night and he wanted to talk.
I had never seen him before. 
He is 24 and an alcoholic. 
He said this. 
Non of my imposing. 
The first thing he said ........
"I was reading what you said 
(in my notes pushed under every door of the hostel) 
and it makes so much sense. 
It makes me feel so good. 
The philosophy is so good for me" 

He wanted to talk and he had been drinking. 
He flowed. 
Not out of his head. 

He is waiting for a de-tox programme and 
is getting professional help. 
He needs it with the booze culture and the wacky- backy culture 
which he and so many others are caught up in 
as a normal way of life. 
He could not articulate his feelings. 
Just a jumble of thoughts and words 
to describe his tortured soul. 

I valued him. 
Pointed out his crisp intelligence and honest openness in communication. 
I listened and he shared. 
I stretched myself into little inputs of memorable self help tips 
which he could hang his feelings on. 
He has a big day before him. 
He has choices only he can make. 
He has my prayers and deep feeling. 
He is 'ok' .....I am 'ok' ......
.. this beautiful human person 
needs a lover.