Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I keep reading about the BRAIN, I want one.

Every day the brain 
generates 10,000 stem cells 
that split into two. 

One becomes a daughter line 
that continues making stem cells, and the other 

migrates to wherever it's needed in the Brain 
and becomes that kind of cell. 
Very often that destination is 
where the cell is needed for 
new learning. 
Over the next four months, 
that new cell forms about 
10,000 connections with others 
to create new neural circuitry.

The new understanding is whats called 'neurogenesis'.

Stem cells are a class of 
undifferentiated cells 
that are able to differentiate 
into specialized cell types. 
Commonly, stem cells come from 
two main sources:

• Embryos formed during 
the blastocyst phase of 
embryological development 
(embryonic stem cells) and
• Adult tissue (adult stem cells).