Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The junk in your attic

"We are so accustomed
to disguise ourselves
to others
in the end
we become
disguised to ourselves."

Mrs Beautiful read an item in a Sunday newspaper magazine 
and I caught up with it on the London Underground.

The feature was about a twin brother and sister 
from the Guinness family - not people without dosh.

He said something like this;
"I was sent away to boarding school at the age of eight 
and I didn't want to go and neither did my mother.
It did not matter - I went.
Nobody ever asked me how I felt.
There was no language to use to talk about feelings.
No-one asked me how I was feeling and no-one cared"

To me that is powerful and I thank him for this honesty.
(He later became a victim of drugs and other issues)
So so sad.

When something ugly happens in our lives
we can so easily push the feelings into the attic of our lives.
Not the conscious part of us but the unconscious part of us.

Eventually there is overload up there in the attic, 
a creaking and a big weight of responsibility hangs 
around us and it won't disappear.

Out of site is NOT out of mind
when there is a big and looming 
emotional storage problem.

We become more aware of the physical impact 
of our emotions.
We are wasting so many emotions 
simply trying to keep them hidden in the attic.
Sooner - and I hope not later ,
those emotions which are buried alive inside us,
(emotions are not buried DEAD)
need to be dealt with - disposed of properly.

The big trigger to get this disposal process started is 
by talking to someone who can help with these things - 
someone who accepts us and someone we feel safe with.
Maybe a professional but maybe someone 
who can manage their own emotions 
and is able to gently enter into a helping relationship with us.
I actively promote the Level Five* 
tool to equip all of us in the management/storage issue.
(Search this Blog for references to LEVEL FIVE)

I believe that there is no human person who will not respond to love.
Human love is the next best thing to love divine.
We all need at least one human person who is able and wants to love us.
We need to find a person like this if we don't know someone.

I find this 'attic' issue all the time in all sectors of society.
I work with those at the bottom of the heap - 
homeless and disregarded.
I meet the professionals and the business successes.
I see people full of feelings and stuck in a hole.
A hole - full of a swamp, ..................
stuck in a swamp of feelings they cannot
express - touch - own - handle.

LEVEL FIVE is all about having a 
repertoire of communication skills.
The level where so many humans stumble 
is L4  =   FEELINGS.
NOT dealing with our feeling can be 
the most destructive inability in our lives.
The draining process is always in motion 
until we learn that that feelings are signals 
AND it is possible to learn to read signals 
and know how to deal with them.
NOT 'control' them 
but MANAGE them 
and certainly NOT ram them in our attic.

Feelings are the first point of call when it comes to survival, 
security and development it seems to me.
From there awareness and skills grow within us 
and become not only a human BEING with a large attic
BUT  processing on to be - becoming .
..a human becoming
....developing towards all that we can become.