Saturday, January 04, 2014

I want to INTRODUCE you to your BEAUTIFUL.

Introducing you to your beautiful.

I tell humans they are beautiful.

Some  - it's a reminder
Others it is a shock.
Men are disturbed.
Women/strangers - sometimes cautious. 

It is in my own Mission Statement::
to verbally and non-verbally express beauty to others.
I was 40 years old before I resided there -

In my beautiful.

Beauty now resides in my life and I want to
Be beautiful
See beautiful
Make beautiful

Maslow, who often joins me on facilitation sessions that I lead, 
added a "need for beauty", to his hierarchy of needs, later on in his life. 
The older Maslow saw everyone as having 'beautiful' as a need. 
I see it as a possession - 
already in possession by you but often not seen.
Mirrors don't show it.

John O'Donohue RIP, I dare to call him a friend of mine, 
died 6 years ago (now eternal friends) - 
I still mourn his loss.
His book "Beauty: The Invisible Embrace," 
has many beautiful expressions such as this one::

"The human soul is hungry for beauty; 
we seek it everywhere - in landscape, music, art, clothes, 
furniture, gardening, companionship, love, 
religion, and in ourselves....
We feel most alive in the presence of the Beautiful 
for it meets the needs of our soul."

O'Donohue was aware of the glamour industry 
but writes about a deeper beautifulness. 
The shallow superficial/paint-on/commercialised beauty 
does not and never will meet our deeper needs. 
So many, both old and young 'feel' un-beautiful - 
even ugly, 
because they can't come up to the paint-on 
'photoshop' images of beauty.

John O'Donohue writes about the Greek word for 
"the beautiful" 
It is to "kalon" which, 
he notes, is related to the word "kalein," 
typically tied to the notion of "call" or "calling." 
The great human suggests that 
"when we experience beauty, we feel called."
Topping it all - he says that 
"God is beauty."

You are beautiful.
Not found on the bathroom scales or a mirror.
You are beautiful despite your behaviour.
You are beautiful when you feel good and 
when you feel vulnerable.
See beautiful.
Be beautiful.
Make beautiful.

Pip Wilson BHP